Epistemological Break

I decided to focus on the events conjured by the audio, and the way in which Cardiff arguably uses a a variety of images throughout the walk, changing the personal experience of the walk. To do this I am looking at the way in which both Henri Bergson and Gaston Bachelard view time. Bergson’s theory of duration sees it as a continuous, purely heterogeneous process through which the present becomes an additive filter for the past, creating entirely new states in an unceasing rhythmic way. He says: “To endure means to pass on to the absolutely new and to do this in a manner that is unforeseeable.”. Bachelard however reacts to this when he states that creativity does not arise during Bergson’s duration, but in ‘instants’, or the epistemological break, the point where change occurs and history is severed from the future. He says that images of continuity even possess “hatches of discontinuity”.
So the drawing, through use of a grid, and snapping apart or warping both the grid and a mapping of the site will attempt to map what Bachelard describes as ‘instants’, and describe the points where Cardiff conjures, through¬†phenomenological¬† imagery? instants and creates duration between the unity of the instants she creates through the audio, thus affecting the experience of time along the walk.

One thought on “Instants

  1. Really great start to map the walk according to two contrasting theories of time. The individual planes where you map the physical site of the walk can be read as breaks, but the advantage of using the transparencies is that you can layer these planes so when looking through them we start to find continuities. As a reference, in our extended brief we mention a quote by Margaret Atwood where she refers to time as a series of liquid transparencies that you look down through… The grid can both order time and disrupt it but perhaps layering these drawings will help you identify where to intervene? It’s interesting to think of an instant as a rupture rather than a point.

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