One thought on “Background noises

  1. We really liked how you were thinking spatially of the three different areas as rooms or interiors each with their own associated sounds both from Cardiff’s experiences and yours. The question now is how do you translate these sounds into space, how do you start to identify elements that translate the background mood or atmosphere into an interior? Think of them as interiors rather than rooms enclosed within a box, the sound rather than walls should form the boundaries. Just as Magritte captures an entire event within a frame, the different characters, moods and objects involved, you need to think of how you would do the same without being too literal – your composition could be quite incredible to collapse time into these three spaces that we walk through, recreating a hybrid version of the walk that exists sometime between Janet Cardiff’s account and yours. The Alter Banhof reference is a good one since its a more recent and more visual work by Cardiff where sound and image from different time periods are superimposed on top of one another – think about how your drawing can do the same. Can’t wait to see the drawing on Tuesday!

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