Architecture as a Silent Witness

Architecture as a Silent Witness

Taking inspiration from Janet’s Walk, at the point in which she leaves the Whitechapel Library; I wanted to explore the idea that the architecture remains stagnated through the years, observing a slower pace of changes than those who experience the architecture and pass through the area whilst living their daily routines.

My drawing will take form of an graphic illustration style, I want to explore the idea of the where colour and atmosphere will only provide an idea/ view of dematerialisation of the architecture, but the people who inhabited the scene (mise en scene) will provide an idea of the present, such as the lady on the foreground, whilst capturing the architecture in a key frame of time through her selfie, she  is also capturing a series of events unknown to her.

This should represent a play between the present and the technology and ways in which we capture our memoirs in present day,  whilst the stagnated architecture of the background still embeds daily lives and routines of many passers by.

It still very much in development and the representation bellow is just a sketch idea.

Cris L.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 14.27.47

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  1. Really nice detailed drawing of the buildings around the Whitechapel Gallery but how do you start to layer in information about the change and stagnation observed by the buildings over time? Like the painting of John the Baptist that was shown on Tuesday (also on the blog under historical examples of time), maybe you could start to add in different moments (with different built protagonists) into a single frame so we start to view the walk within this time-compressed drawing.

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