Week 1 : Mapping Assignment (Draft)

To start my interpretation of the walk, I have divided the entire walk into 4 layers of narrations. The first layer is the physical aspect of the walk which covers the directions and observations of the walk. I denote this layer as the “Reality Layer”. The second layer is more of an open-ended narration which involves no certain or specific point of the story. Mostly, this narration layer is more of the protagonist’s imaginations and delusions. The main function of this layer of narration is to intersperse with other layers, so that the whole walk wouldn’t be monotonous. The third layer is when the protagonist diverts the story line with random thoughts that don’t fit with the context of the story. This was shown when the protagonist connects to the listener and asks about the urge to disappear. The last layer is when the third person voice is mixed in. This “third voice” represents the psychological voice of the walk; which also includes my thoughts.

Given these layers of narration from the walk, I would like to study the levels of emotions involved in the walk, in perspective of all those layers of narration.  I’ve studied the walk minute by minute and would like to map all the emotions through the “view” of the layers. This interpretation is somehow an experiment to find out possible contributing factors that causes the levels of emotion to differ.

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One thought on “Week 1 : Mapping Assignment (Draft)

  1. Very detailed mapping of the walk and its different layers or voices involved. We are intrigued by your sketch of a route or something more spatial and would like you to elaborate on that further. How do you show these different layers occurring simultaneously, and how does this map onto the spatial experience of the walk – both together would determine our emotions. Emotions are tricky to assign since they are so subjective, you need a set of criteria for someone reading your drawing to understand why a specific emotion was allocated to a certain part of the walk – its more about developing a strategy for the drawing, and how the work you’ve already done translates into a drawing. Great that you have been so forensic in your analysis of the walk – now do the same as you combine these into the drawing for Tuesday!

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