DS7- Timeline (Work in progress)

Discovering people
My timeline focuses on the relationship of the walk with the interation of people. The timeline is shown as a tree-like symbol, with the start of the walk at the base leading up to the end, just as a tree grows over time, so the story and journey grows. My walk is shown in colour, whereas the walk Janet Cardiff descibes is in black and white to differenciate between the current and past, and where they overlap. The people on the ‘branches’ represent the people seen and interacted with on the walk, and as we discover more about where certain people have come from, so we discover more about their lives and how they got to be there. Their stories are interwined, like branches on a tree, but are separated by individual moments in time.


One thought on “DS7- Timeline (Work in progress)

  1. We really like the idea you talked about on Tuesday to map the different people mentioned and encountered on the walk, and through that discover more city scale trends on the density of how people move and congregate around certain spaces. The tree is a bit too literal and doesn’t seem to help communicate your earlier idea. Maybe you could just use a branching path/ line when re-drawing the walk to show the discrepancies between what Cardiff sees and what you see, and then find a way to show how these people would move at the city scale; how where we encounter them relates to how the city is organised? Identify patterns of density relating to each group you/ Cardiff encounter. The use of black and white and colour is a nice way to identify the time lapse between your experience and Cardiff’s – so that could continue in how you draw the walk itself.

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