One thought on “Explosion of the Senses

  1. Its a nice idea to use the two drawings to draw the objects encountered on the walk and Cardiff’s account vs. the associations you make through it. The collection of 2d and 3d objects that start to reconstruct our sensory experience are great since they introduce found and fabricated evidence into the project. Perhaps you could get rid of the canvas since its too prescriptive and opaque, and work with trace as your base layer, so at times you could layer the two drawings on top of each other to see how your associations map onto the experience described by Cardiff. You could also start to locate where specific 3d evidence should be placed by creating outlines on the map to create an extra level of engagement with your drawing by whoever reads it, putting them in the position of the detective. Why do you want to use a 1930s map as the underlay – is that time period relevant to your association with the walk, and what is its relationship to the elements you identify? Maybe tease that out as you develop this further for Tuesday. Nice references and we’re glad to see you already thinking like a detective!

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