Week 1: Finding Janet (In progress)


After walking the same route as Janet did in 16 years ago, I try to collect all same and differences between our walk with my own experience to show how the area developed within these years. The same experiences are keys to connect me and Janet to show what doesn’t changed (or keep) in years. With her voice guiding the directions and she said “I will meet you there” are more like a friend ask you out to a meet up point. It feels like Janet is my friend and we supposed to meet somewhere, however, she always walk ahead when I get to the meeting place she asked. The feeling is likely to the Alice in Alice in Wonderland chasing after the rabbit. The finish drawing is a comparison of Janet’s walk and my work, based on visually, senses (sounds, smell) and gentrification in that area.

One thought on “Week 1: Finding Janet (In progress)

  1. An interesting start – we like the reference to Alice in Wonderland but feel like you could translate the depth of the rabbit hole in that story into your drawing. To convey the closeness you develop over the course of the walk with Janet Cardiff, you could transcribe her words that instruct you on how to move, where to look, what you will see etc. instead of arrows. The scenes you depict are a great sampling from the walk, but it would be better if they were arrayed to be spatially similar to the geographic route we take. How can you convey the fact that Janet Cardiff is always just out of reach? Is your experience in parallel to hers, or is hers always slightly ahead?

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