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I am looking at the issue of presence: which timeline the participant is experiencing during the walk, as these often differ from the immediate physical experience. This has fallen into eight categories which are; historic, Janet 1 (physical walk), Janet 2 (thoughts), Janet 3 (fiction), participant (direct instruction from Janet), future, fiction (murder, male voices), and extinction (the instances of discord between what Janet is describing and what actually exists at the present time). These timelines all represent different realities within the walk which the participant is present in, so I have dissected the physical points in time these occur and represent them with the audio sound waves. These are depicted in the form of a circle to mimic a clock to show when they occur in reality, but also because the walk evolves in a circular manner.

There are other layers to be added to the timelines/drawing, but I am still to refine these. They are likely to include points of intersection between the realities.

One thought on “Presence

  1. Clear identification of different “presences” in the walk – sounds like an interesting beginning. It would be great if what you clearly outline in the text starts to manifest in the drawing. Maybe the spatial route of the walk could start to break up the rigidity of the circle? You note that the intersection is actually a moment of discord rather than alignment – how can this be better shown in the drawing? Can you start to use the audio files as a drawing device? To separate out the voices of the different players you have identified?

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