2 thoughts on “Opera at the Train Station v01

  1. These are great in creating a theatrical scene within everyday spaces of the city like the train station. Nice development of what you started thinking about in your first drawing of the walk and the reference to Tschumi’s cross-programming. Maybe thats the clue as to what your object could be – something that transforms the city into a spectacle? The curtain is often the device used on stage to reveal and conceal but maybe it could be reinterpreted at the city scale to change how people inhabit/ perceive the city. It could also be made of a different or unexpected material? Faye Toogood did an installation at the V&A for London Design Festival where she commissioned coats out of different materials like marble, brick, tiles, brass etc. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3051138/faye-toogoods-cloakroom-takes-museum-visitors-on-a-secret-scavenger-hunt#6
    Not sure if this helps but maybe it will trigger some ideas?

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