Experimental Preservation Lecture on Monday at 6pm

As mentioned on Tuesday, Jorge Otero Pailos – professor at Columbia University and expert on Experimental Preservation will be lecturing at the AA at 6pm this Monday, 5 October. It would be great if you guys could come since what he will talk about will relate to the brief of the studio, as a critical view on the attitudes towards preservation or conservation in contemporary cities. We will hopefully also meet him on the trip to New York but this is a chance to get a sneak preview. There will be a drinks reception afterwards as well so another reason to make the trip! Hope to see you all there.

To read more about Jorge Otero Pailos:

This is a terrific article he wrote in Art Forum in SeptemberĀ 2014: A Remembrance of Things to Come on the demolition of the New York Folk Art Museum by TWBTA.

And this little book is a great read – Preservation is Overtaking Us: its a transcript of a lecture by Rem Koolhaas with a response from Otero Pailos criticising his manifesto.

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