Hearing as a way of seeing



What I had in mind was, trying to deliver the meanings of ‘hearing as a way of seeing’ through the mapping. Going back and forth to Cardiff’s writings for the piece is that, she did the recordings as a way to relate to listeners of the scenarios that she constantly created in her mind when she walked or saw someone walked the dark alleys of the city. What I find interesting was, she did the recordings in order to get to know the city in a different way. And I, in a different era of time, trying to figure out what is it that she actually searching for and hence, to follow her voices and actually created my own scenarios as well as I did the walking.

From the last presentation we had, I was interested in creating ‘lines’ as an interpretation for spark of imaginations or the added sounds and scenes from Janet in order to make the recorded voices as an interesting walk through the London city. The ‘lines’ as representation of intensity of the sounds; of the imaginations. I had to admit that I had quite a hard time to express the imaginations visually in the best way possible as imagination itself is intangible. Now come to think of it, the representation of imagination could also be done in different medium such as the use of colour, shapes, etc. Surely, it is still an undergoing process of delivering the ideas. For the improvement of the drawing, I intend to produce the lines in a more readable manner with less need of written notations about it (or might be testing on use of different colour) and layer her imaginations with mine.

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