Object: Benches ‘Moments of Pause’

Continuing with the idea in the tutorial, I want to look at benches as my object as they are pivotal in the walk when Janet tells us to stop and sit down, and they are the stage for some extended dialogue. I had a look at all moments of pause within the walk to see when else we stop:



And then also the other opportunities to stop within the walk (but undirected by Janet) :



There’s a range of materials and forms to explore within the walk, so I want to begin with creating a hybrid model of all the benches, but I haven’t got further than this yet and am not sure where I will go afterwards! (Haven’t been feeling very well the end of this week so slow progress) I have been considering the idea of constructing a bench from the sound waves associated with the pause to see where this would take me. Also the idea of benches that degrade in time (to contrast to the preserved audio file) or changes with each person who sits on it are areas of interest.


One thought on “Object: Benches ‘Moments of Pause’

  1. Love the idea of benches that degrade over time and somehow their period of degradation would define the length of the moment of pause? The sound waves could be an interesting material disruption but it might be too literal a translation. Maybe the way to begin is to catalogue the materiality, form and embedded narratives behind all the benches you encounter along the walk as well as the other moments of pause, and think about how you hybrid these characteristics to create the ultimate moment of presence or pause. Start to think about what the bench could learn from the other moments of pause and how the materiality of the surface on which you sit dictates how long you would sit there for – then the material experimentation of degradation over time can begin from there – very exciting – looking forward to seeing the models of this on Tuesday!

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