2 thoughts on “Object of Intrigue – Coade Stone

  1. Great research and I like the idea of creating an object that assembles the path that led you from the sculpture outside St. Boltoph’s to Coade Stone and various other places. It could be a sort of totem or talisman that transports you to remember different things from a single instance? There is an existing formula for Coade stone that I saw online so maybe you can start with that and speak to Joel in the workshop to see how easy it will be for you to make a model with this material in there or what other processes/ equipment you might need. It would be interesting to really test how deviations form this formula alter the material to create a more structurally sound object – you could also work with different joints to add in this which would all inform the design of the object itself. Keep going – and think about how you format all the interesting research you have done to date – it should all have a cohesive format so we can track your process in arriving at a specific idea. Looking forward to seeing your first draft of the object and ideas for how to make it on Tuesday!

  2. I think Coade stone is a really fascinating story and great that your enquiries have led to this. As Manijeh suggests, there is potential for a lot of experimentation here into the possible compositions of the material and how this varies its qualities. It is interesting that Coade simulates stone yet is cast rather than cut or carved (as stone would be) which offers possibilities to work with it to create structures and objects that might not be possible in stone.

    I am intrigued to see how your object will develop. From your sketches I am put in mind of Soane’s ‘Pasticcio’ which is a kind of architectural totem built from the history of architecture. There isn’t really a single good description of it online but search “Soane Pasticcio’ and some images will come up. Also, this drawing for a ‘Tea Urn Representing the Creation of the Primordial Gods’ by Pablo Bronstein http://www.newarteditions.com/2-new-pablo-bronstein-hand-coloured-etching-editions/. Could the objects that you were creating last week be pieces that fit together into the whole of the totem object, still retaining the interactive nature of your drawing?

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