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I decided to take the idea of the tie further and examine the relationship between the two ties, the 1999 tie that Janet spotted, and the tie that I consequently noticed when Cardiff pointed it out to me. The idea is that if I stitch two ties together, elongating the connection between them and clearly showing the breaks, I can create a metaphor as to how Bachelard views time as a series of instants, and how this theory interacts with Bergson’s, in that Bachelard somewhat embraces Bergson’s notion of duration, of continuous time which is never disjunctioned, never permeated by nothingness, but only acting between the instants that he proposes, the points where the future breaks from the past and change can happen as a result of the interplay between past and future trajectories.


So the tie will comprise of two clearly identifiable instants, or breaks, with a thickened moment inbetween, the spanning of 16 years, which can be argued to be an example of duration. Whats interesting, is the idea that a level of subjectivity must be taken up in order for this to happen.

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  1. Its going to be interesting to see how the tie really starts to manifest these theories of time. The idea of the hybrid creates a nice sense of continuity between your initial drawing strategy but it needs to go further – how do you create the illusion of the 1999 tie from one view point and then reveal their hybridity at others? How will you show the thickened moment of 16 years in between? Maybe look at the different ways different cultures have used fabric to record time – from quilting to weaving etc – to get an idea of what you can do with the materiality and how you can manipulate these techniques to emphasise your theories on time.Good luck!

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