Prep for Week 3: Research an object

As mentioned in last posts, the catch and run relationship between me and Janet actually shows the way of how area being developed, what to stay and disappear. When Janet direct me the walkway through her audio, she was naming some significant/ easy to find objects for me to follow easily, which included street names, KFC/Coca Cola (popular brands) and restaurant. And those objects that helped her to direct me are straight forward and providing clear information which make a contrast to Janet’s location. Also, time is the key to make the story interesting, I followed Janet’s walk after 16 years, and time makes the differences changed. Hence the motion, the movement is also important in the object that I am going to create. Therefore, I have an idea of making a light box to frame the narrative scene and I need to find an element to show the time movement as well (maybe something with motion?). I am still researching and preparation to make that box. Here are some inspirations:

Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair05e62259d70065dc3af46c3d37c55a40

(layers of paper to create a scenario, with light and shadow that attached to my idea of chasing Janet, seeing the whole walk as different scenes in layers)


Pia Männikkö


(a series of human positions show the movement, movement shows the time, this is what I need in my object, showing time, time is a bridge to connect past and present. But how?)

Richard Serra


(another way to show the time movement? How can you tell how long you walk in there?)

2 thoughts on “Prep for Week 3: Research an object

  1. Nice references and ideas for your model so far – I like the idea of trapping the shadows between planes as the installation by Pia Männikkö seems to suggest – maybe if somehow you made a play between the signs that are directing you and the shadow of Janet that you are chasing? How do you suggest the chase and the illusory quality of the shadow as something just out of reach? light and shadow are great materials to work with so develop this palette for Tuesday – think about how you can start to activate your object by turning on signs and creating new shadows to reveal or obscure the presence of Janet. This installation by Anthony Gormley creates similar effects to Männikkö’s Deja vu series but using very different materials of fog and live users:
    Start testing your ideas through models to see what effects you can get.

  2. I know you were looking at one point at Alice in Wonderland, and I saw this in the Story museum the other day:
    It’s called ‘Malice in Wonderland’ and is a party run by Manchester Murder Mysteries. I think you might have to act in it (?!) but could be interesting for your theme. It takes you into a world ‘where nothing is what it is, because everything is what it isn’t’.

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