Some finishing touches

With the general make-up of the book draft complete, I am able to explore some finishes. The leather finish of the book automatically gives it an ‘old’ look, which allows it to fit into the historical themes that run through the book. Using gold lettering adds to the final look. I will look at exploring this further for the final object.


One thought on “Some finishing touches

  1. Impressed that you’ve already tested different binding techniques and are thinking about finishes/ effects but if the insert of the book is stories from different times, peoples and places how is that reflected in your design of the individual pages, their materiality and format etc, and then how does this collection of stories and their varied origins manifest on the cover? How do you show the variation of its contents within on the exterior? This is the Irma Boom reference I mentioned on Tuesday: – it could be interesting to think about scale and the legibility of the miniature versus the full-size version. Looking forward to seeing this in person on Tuesday – keep going with revealing the embedded narratives of the walk, and populating the pages of the book!

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