We are the storytellers of our lives…

…But in this case, I am the storyteller of other people’s lives.

I started thinking about the content for the book itself, and relating back to the timeline, interacting with people on the walk and discussing where they have come from or going to. This gave me the idea of creating short stories and illustrations which discover the area, tell the history, and create the characters’ stories. These stories will be told using mixed media, from first person narratives to articles that show the area in greater depth.

Stories for book- man in library


One thought on “We are the storytellers of our lives…

  1. Great that you already rose to the challenge of making a book! To continue looking into the craft of bookmaking it might be worth looking up the following places next time you are in London:
    London Centre for Book Arts http://londonbookarts.tumblr.com
    Shepherds (book making supplies) http://londonbookarts.tumblr.com
    Both offer workshops and materials. Shepherds is a wonderful place just to browse and to think about the material qualities of books – right down to threads and adhesives!

    Have a look at the Codex Sinaticus project which is a fascinating, forensic examination of a 4th century manuscript which has been digitised in great detail so that the execution and annotation of the text can be studied, as well as offering an insight into its material qualities. http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/ (click the ‘see the manuscript’ tab to view the digitisation).

    Fleshing out the figures in your drawing feels the right thing to do so that they move on from being merely representatives for a group. Could the elements of their stories be ‘read’ in the book through means additional to the written narratives? Such as your mother’s cookery book telling additional stories through what she has added. Push your interest in the physicality of the book telling a story of its use and see how you can explore this in relation to the development of your character’s stories. We will begin talking about portfolio formats on Tuesday and it seems that your project will really offer the potential to evolve through exploring the portfolio format.

    Finally – you might find this book an enjoyable bed-time read!

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