Week 1: Walking journey – Finding Janet


Drawings on 27/9 Tuesday

This drawing is a record of the walking by following Janet Cardiff’s Missing Voice audios. The cassette tape in the drawing represent the walk geographically. The audio is divided into three parts, from each opening and ending Janet recorded ” I am standing in the library with you/ I will meet you there” to create an illusion that audience is connected with her but never have a chance to meet her, just like Alice in Wonderful, audience is chasing Janet’s shadow by following the directions that Janet mentioned from turn left/right, cross the street to get on the exactly street. The relationship between me and Janet is a blur, I was standing with her in the beginning as she said, she shared her fictional stories and her thoughts in her mind with me and she asked me to meet her in some spots like a friend meet up. However she is never be reached in those spots she asked to, since the record was produced in 1999.

There are two parallel experience records on the drawing which belongs to my and Janet. Janet’s experience is in black and white color which based on the visual objects she mentioned within the soundtrack and the background noise. And mine is color that document the objects/view that I saw, the noise I heard and the scent I smelled in the walking. By comparing my experience and Janet’s, it shown how the city/area developed in these 16 years. The data can be separated into the same, similar and differences in visually and senses. The idea is to study what is changed and what stayed to understand how area physically and culturally regenerated.

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