One thought on “Gunthorpe St. WIP

  1. It would be helpful to write a few lines of text to explain the drawing when blogging so we have a sense of which aspect you would like more feedback on – otherwise this won’t be as helpful as it could be.
    For now, this is an interesting drawing of a site condition but it would be good to start a more material investigation – think about what a gate is and how it functions in relation to the Sabines painting. We talked about the gate as a threshold but the gate is also a barrier and holds things back, can restrict just as the Sabines are restricted in their captors’ grips. How is the brass fixed to a post or adjacent structure? Is the metal to other material relationship a violent one? (some metal rails appear to puncture the stone they are joined to and suggest a confused hierarchy of hard and soft).

    We talked about the delicate frame like qualities of your drawings and the precedent structures you showed. Continue to think about frameworks in relation to a surrounding mass – is the frame supporting, or penetrating, somehow malignant? Consider in relation to thinking about what space or spaces your gate structures cross or operate in. How do you use the x-ray as a technique? Perhaps through your material interventions in the city fabric you reveal something of its inner workings through what you add?

    Think about what you can make of the workshop opportunity next week. Would it be productive to look into working metal? The heat and fire (and associations with alchemy even) of metalworking might hold an appropriate drama and convey the aesthetic you are going for in the drawings – metal would allow you to create these skeletal forms that you drew for last Tuesday. Try to have a model or some sort of material test to explain your idea to Joel next week.

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