Archaeology as Portfolio Inspiration

I was searching for portfolio themes that could inspire and relate with my material exploration/research. This had led me to look into the archaeology field which I find many similarities with my research.

Artefacts documentation:

Archaeology_Mobile_Shelving_Storage_05FullSizeRender (1)

Murder bag: a forensics kit used by detectives attending crime scenes © Museum of London

These are the tool kit for archaeologist which I find it really amazing. I wish to incorporate this into my model, say like utilising the magnifying glass to show some of the model detail would be a great idea, or maybe create a suitcase to fit my portfolio and model into it (archaeologist as my protagonist).

I’ve also looked into tabloids where I want my portfolio to be seen as a news report, like a new discovery to be announce to the public. This idea was derived from the recordings of Janet Cardiff which she read some of the newspaper headlines.

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Tabloid is a compact version of newspaper. It is usually provides more graphical information as compared to the standard newspaper we read.

Also, could Manijeh provide the name of the 3d collage artist which you mentioned on yesterday’s class, I couldn’t seem to google the artist’s work (maybe I got the name wrong).

Many thanks.

One thought on “Archaeology as Portfolio Inspiration

  1. Great references for the portfolio – the tabloid newspaper would be great way to reveal the highlights or discoveries you make as you delve underground and the archaeologist is another profession that uses forensic work to decode data – those kits look fascinating. What would be in your kit? You would have to define a new sort of archaeologist who would work with both fact and fiction – similar to the national history museum example shown on Tuesday where the fake link fossil was created: – what kit would you need to enable this, and construct new ideas of what our cities are made of?
    The 3d collage artist that was mentioned on Tuesday is Kurt Schwitters and his famous project was the Merzbau: . He also did a version in the UK called the Merzbarn.
    If you did an archaeology dig of the Merzbau you would find all sorts of collaged materials as well as individual shrines to important people in Schwitters life – could be an interesting approach to your project! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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