One thought on “Potential Portfolio?

  1. The collection display cabinet or Duchamp’s portable museum seems like a portfolio reference for you but what would your version be like? Maybe upload a sketch or diagram of how you see your portfolio developing through the design of this case – are there slots for your boardgame, drawing, objects, etc – is the case like the project always developing to unfold new work? Refer to the fabricated fossil project that was shown on Tuesday – if you go down this route, the craft of the box will be really important to make people recall museum cases and references like Duchamp so hinging, materiality – the contrast between wood, glass and velvet etc. will become very important.
    Alternatively it could also be a constantly developing board game – so the box you made for Tuesday is just a first draft and your mystery of the drawing, continues with the object and onwards – constantly unravelling as we play your game? The Madelon Vriesendorp reference posted on the blog is a good one or there are other “architectural” games like the Situationist’s Game of War: or as a more contemporary example: The Mobile Studio’s chess game Style Wars: Modernists v. Traditionalists:

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