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I will soon be looking at the physical aspects of paper, trying to see them in a way I haven’t before. This will allow me to understand more about the material and it’s physical breakdown.

I hope to look at different types of paper under a microscope in order to explore the make up. I also hope to be able to explore the material using light and ‘at home’ forensic examinations.

I will explore the ageing process of paper and try to understand how books age, and how we can undo the ageing process.

I will look into the construction of books and look at how different books have been created over the years. This will include materiality, binding techniques and sewing processes.

My research has today taken me to Shepherd’s Bindery, London, in addition to the British Museum. (Further information on these visits will be posted soon)

One thought on “Some thoughts…

  1. This sounds great as a material study and as a way in to your exploration study for Technology. Looking at the material aspects of paper such as decay (which is largely what creates the odour) is a good route so it might be a good idea to speak with the conservators at the British Library or similar (Bodleian Library in Oxford has an incredible collection) to learn more about the material processes but also the kinds of environments that books and manuscripts need to be stored and contained in (the very low oxygen storage that the BL has at Boston Spa in Yorkshire for example – great for books but potentially deadly for humans to spend time in), understanding the control can help to understand the problem and vice versa.
    Looking into ageing and reversing this process could be fascinating but as a starting point, cataloguing paper and binding types, how to decipher the age of a book through its material content (paper AND inks) will be a great way to get a sizeable part of the document out of the way. Think about how you can use the workshop to test some of this for Tuesday!

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