The Object and drawings


Following the feedback I received from last Tuesday’s session, I want develope my timeline drawing with different drawing methodologies where I can explore the negative and positive objects and the texture and sense of space. I have started with charcoal and i would like to explore with embossing on watercolour paper if we have embossing machine in uni.

For the object casting I want to create different atmospheres with more sound function and effects. The atmospheres are they street with their own identity and texture.

I am aiming for one object in bigger scale with negative and positive faces and smaller scale experimenting casting for next Tuesday.

During the session I was looking at my collages work I felt that I am missing good quality drawings where explains my thoughts. Therefore I want to focus strongly on producing more drawings beside new negative and positive casting with concrete.

IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5572

One thought on “The Object and drawings

  1. This drawing has really advanced your representation of positive and negative space – great development since Tuesday. The idea of embossing is an interesting one and could make for really subtle textured drawings that you read in a new way. Continue to explore these qualities of relief and recess in your drawing and casting – it will be interesting to see the larger cast on Tuesday and how it differs from the sample you showed this week – Will it still be a thickened 2d plane or will it start to have more 3dimensional protrusions? Its important to think of the cast and the mould as individual pieces in your portfolio and work on them simultaneously as the inverse of one another. Scale of texture will start to become interesting as you develop these techniques and how it signifies intensity of experience of an area.

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