Week 3

Moving on from my object that I made and from the feedback received ive come up with a better more usable solution to the entire scheme.

The device was used to monitor and generate sketches by the viewer, and from those sketches get the narratives they were trying to represent. Building up on the initial device as a base, I want to come up with a more immersive environment using the actual audio from Janets walk. As suggested, to also recreate a video using the walk and the map I created in week 1 and provide an immersive environment from where the viewer creates/pieces together different narratives whether factual or fictional. I’ve been looking into sensory activations and emotional responses to piece together how a person’s brain activity and brain waves react to factual and fictional environments. Ive looked into the work of Ion Popian and how he uses brain waves to create 3D form.

Based on this ive also read up on certain articles that point to brain waves reacting differently to factual and fictional environments (Alpha, Theta Gamma waves etc.)  Which makes for a simpler and more concrete way in using the person as a filter between the two environments.

I am still looking into different methods to represent and use this Brain waves, Body movements (Labans Theory) or the idea I came with which was drawings (Richard Serra, Berner Levet).  Ive also looked into heart rate and and emotional response.  This object that I aim to create would go further on and could be used in many different ways once I figure out the aspects I wish to monitor. Keeping everything non invasive obviously, and also as suggested to come up with a set of directions of how to use the device.

I feel this would be a very good start and would provide for a more concrete generation of the ideas I started to explore in week 1. And its all doable. Kind of like moving from a digital environment to something tangible/tactile/Organic.

Ive still got some background research to do before I go ahead.

As far as portfolio examples go I was thinking of something that worked on a digital level, Something that was interactive. Liked if you merged the ideas of the Antoine Expo video as Manijeh showed in the presentation, where he presents the scheme through a series of conversations, and the Dennis Wheatley books where you try and piece together the information and arrive at the end with a set of questions. Im not quite sure how this would go about.

For Eg. http://www.munchkinetics.com/


Like invite the person im presenting to explore the scheme himself/herself.





One thought on “Week 3

  1. Lots of interesting ideas being talked about but it would be nice to see some sketches or visuals to go with it. A drawing of the brain waves and how they are altered by different factual and fictional environments would be fascinating and since your device is a sort of helmet it could also somehow map these waves!
    These examples by Haus Rucker Co are a great selection of some of the best helmets made by architects in the 60s and 70s: http://anthropomorphe.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/second-nature.html – yours needs to look exciting and innovative to give us a sense of the experience within. It should also have a certain ergonomic design to allow us to understand how to wear and use it. Looking forward to version 2.0 with Cardiff’s audio and a film of your drawing that you add more elements to but with added layers like mapping your brain wave and understanding what’s fact and what’s fictional.
    Regarding the portfolio, the interactive quality of placing the user as the protagonist of your project is great and we’re looking forward to seeing how you develop this into a sort of digital game/ networked experience, where things unfold and you go on a journey. It might be good to start mapping how you want this to work so you cant start building your interactive portfolio!

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