Books & Paper Art (Pt. I)

I recently saw this video…

“Hogwarts” – Built from the pages of Harry Potter


Unpopular Now  is a U.S marketing company that used the harry potter books to create a full scale model of the Hogwarts Castle from the book pages themselves. In the video you can also see that they have made a miniature bedroom scene in which to set the series of stop motion events that follow.

Talking to the American media internt company, Buzzfeed, the creator of the video, Peter Heacock, stated “he got the idea from watching the Game of Thrones opening sequence…” He continues to say “I love the intro, but I always thought it would have been better if they actually made it by hand… after having made this video by hand, I now know why they made that intro in the computer.” (Skelley, 2015)

"The singular goal is to have J.K. Rowling see this. That is all we want and we will be happy."

Full scale model- (Skelley, 2015)

Game of Thrones Opening Credits (HBO, 2011-)

(Picarelli, no date)


During the making of the model, the creators realised that the paper of the books was too thin to stand up structurally, so instead book pages were printed on cardboard (Skelley, 2015).

This research and disovery of the properties of paper is something I can base my own project on, and take into consideration.


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