Books & Paper Art (Pt. II)

While researching into how books can and have become pieces of art, I came across The Center for Book Arts in New York City. How fitting that our field trip is based there, so will be visiting in a few weeks! One of the exhibitions at the time is Buzz Spector: The Book Under (De-)Construction, which could be a great research opportunity for my project…

“Buzz Spector is an internationally-known artist whose work makes frequent use of the book, both as subject and object, and is concerned with relationships between public history, individual memory, and perception. His work with altered found books dates back to 1981, and his collages incorporating dust jacket elements date from 1987.” (Center for Book Arts, 2015)



The Center for Book Arts (2015) Buzz Spector: The Book Under (De-)Construction. Available at: (Accessed: 12/10/15)


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