From week 3 to week 4

Here is the draft model I made last week to explore the potential of light and shadow idea into my object. The model is to carry a specific scenario as a sign box to give out direct information, in this case, it framed a story of how I look for Janet Cardiff through her records. The whole scene framed in layers followed the flow of the sound tracks with stacked up 300mg paper cards. Each layer of card board contain different elements that referring to different locations and event from me and Cardiff’s.

The light I put at the back was a 24v warm colour night lamp and a LED portable light with 3 LED bulbs.  The draft model size is 22cm x 22.8cm.

IMG_7270 IMG_7272

A larger size of model is planned as 42cm x 22cm. All drawings are currently ready for laser cutting. Also there is a 3d skp model will be upload for further testing with lighting.


Capture 1 Capture 2

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