Study Model

photo 4

Greyboard/Steel Wire/Solder/Wax

Looking at ways an uncanny form of ornamentation might be supported by a steel frame.

Some reasons why this is an unsuccessful model:

01. The ornamentation isn’t very Uncanny.
02. The poured wax is at the same time an uncontrolled and quite predictable generator of form – tending always to obliterate fine detail as material accumulates.
03. The intricacies of the soldered frame become lost in the process of ornamentation.

2 thoughts on “Study Model

  1. Nice first model – Its interesting to see your object as a sort of parasite or addition onto the existing and how the two differ in terms of their materiality. Perhaps the metal would work better than the wax to keep the material more consistent with the frame, as though it grows out of it? The contrast between the precise soldered joint and the more flowing metal cast could be interesting. What result were you hoping for in terms of it being classified as ‘uncanny’?

  2. Elmgreen & Dragset lectured at the AA last Thursday – a lot of their work constructs spaces and fictional narratives as highly designed interiors. Worth checking out since by making the visitor to their installations feel like a voyeur in someone’s private space they conjure up a strong feeling of the uncanny, the intimate, the concealed etc. Ill post the lecture video on the blog once its live but in the meantime look at their installation Tomorrow (2013) at the V&A:
    and their exhibition at the Venice Art Biennale 2009 as a collaboration between the Nordic and Danish Pavilions called The Collectors:

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