My timeline/time based drawing of the walk and two images containing additional information which accompany it. The timeline and audio circles can be read like a clock from the noon position. The drawings explore the layered narratives within the walk from the standpoint of ‘presence’ during the walk and what the participant is actually focused on, such as their own physical environment or the murder mystery. The points of ‘extinction’ and overlap are drawn, investigating when the description in the audio differs to the physical environment we are experiencing (ie. the altered streetscape since in the last 16 years):


Catherine timeline



Timeline supplement (1)



Timeline supplement (2)


(Sorry that the images are lacking in detail – couldn’t upload anything above an A3, so the timeline has been downsized)

One thought on “Timeline

  1. This is a really nice set of drawings of the walk – I like how you’ve reformatted them. For the circular one, it might be good to annotate the different rings to explain the layers and how the drawing maps presences and pauses. Looking forward to seeing the developments in your benches after the tutorials yesterday – we think you’re really onto something with traces of the materials on the concrete and the different processes that leave this residue behind.

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