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Test Book

I’ve been looking at trying to get the book up and running since Tuesday. I thought the best way to embody the philosophies that we’ve been discussing would be to layer up images using transfers on veneers, balsa woods and papers, and try to examine the properties of these materials to try and create a synthesis between medium and message. The two instants, as delineated by the front and back balsa wood pages need to be connected via a durational moment. The durational moment is made by transferring a series of investigative, hypothetical images and building them up, along with text. The text layered up consisted of stone masons instructions and specifications for the renovation of the wall on Warneford Road. The idea is that these should ideally be layered up on transparent planes, with fragments and pieces of instruction blurred across time, with more pages, a reading of these instructions could only be considered across an indeterminate, fluctuating thickened moment.

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Transparency of Balsa

So far I’ve managed to get images to transfer onto balsa reasonably successfully although one of the images is quite unclear. I wanted to layer up images on separate sheets, allowing an overlapping, and the simultaneous perception of multiple spatial and event based images. However, shining a light through two pieces of paper doesn’t quite give me the desired outcome…. its indeterminate… which is fantastic, but too indeterminate. So for the purposes of this excercise I’ve layered the images up on a single plane – Children kicking a ball at the wall, a car crash, erosion, and finally the instant the stone mason patches in the damage done.

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Image Tansfers

What was very interesting, was the leftovers of the transfering process. The printed images used to paint over surfaces. They took on a really ghostly aesthetic which when exposed to light became almost ethereal.

Going on from this, I have a series of woods and veneers and papers which I will layer up in a book format. However the layering has to be more sophisticated than simply due to the inherent material properties I think. Cutaways and lattices will have be made, revealing events, shrouding others, creating multiple readings, to complement a degree of transparency in the material, or vice versa…


One thought on “Durational Time – Books

  1. Really nice investigations. You are looking at a sandstone wall, instructions for working with stone (what stone and what procedures?), and using wood and paper in your book tests. As you continue it will be worth thinking about how these parts relate. If looking at stone through a narrative or procedural lens does it follow that this is also told through a book that shares this material and that adds a tangible layer to your enquiry? Though it is clear that the wood and paper are useful for testing the techniques for working with the text and images and transparency and have thrown up useful results. Keep going!
    The moment from Eraserhead is quite fascinating. It seems a benefit to your thinking that you are looking at duration as both an experience (the lift) and a timeline of change (the wall) through tangible ‘case studies’, which can interrogate and communicate the theories that you are working with.
    Looking forward to seeing all this on Tuesday.

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