One thought on “Joints

  1. These joints are interesting and you could begin to catalogue them within the portfolio – their materiality, strength, connection, lasting value over time? Its interesting where your investigation is heading to look at one super joint that permits multiple geometries but how does this impact material change? Don’t forget about the layers as you design these joints – both need to be developed in tandem and the final outcome will be all about revealing the layers of the city, what holds it up and where it starts to collapse and break down – you need to mediate the two in order to realise your project. Try to make very clear drawings and diagrams of these joints and show where they would be used in the model and in the city, so you start developing a strategy for the joints and therefore reveal its relationship with the different layers of the city. Look at this cutaway section of the underground station at Piccadilly Circus: – these are the types of complex drawings you could produce of your reading of the city and its scaffolding.

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