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I have progressed to looking at material changes and fully integrating decay/material change into a design. After the bench models (pictures to come this weekend) the aspect of having the material embedded into the cement was carried forward, so I am testing four materials which were derived from the moments of pause on the walk. These are wood, marble, steel (in the form of hinges), and cement (as a sort of control material,but also to see the characteristics itself). There are four models for each material which will be subjected to the following states of change: burning, sustained contact with water, intermittent contact with salt water, and exposure to an abrasive substance (which will be caustic soda).

The models are ready to be poured this afternoon and then the testing will begin!

2015-10-16 08.08.57-1


The projects The Truffle by Ensamble Estudio (thanks Manijeh!) and Bruder Klaus Field Chapel by Zumthor are really interesting me, and may be a sort of direction for my technical study – depending on how the model study goes.



For the portfolio, I have changed my mind about doing a magazine. I am currently undecided on what to do, I really can’t pin down anything that works. I was considering a portfolio which changes or reveals something unexpected as it is looked through, but can’t pin point what that would be. I am planning on producing individual pages for Tuesday, but most likely will not have the portfolio design resolved.

[Edit: there was one portfolio idea which is a series of folded pamphlets. They’d be one big set, and could demonstrate different parts of my work. Visually I’d imagine them all the same size, with a similar cover like a block colour and number. Probably made of A1 sheets that are folded down, as long as I can print double sided. This is the only close to tangible idea at the moment]

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  1. The Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a great point of reference. As your work advances perhaps it will be interesting for you to think how the process of material change (comparable to the act of burning in Zumthor’s chapel) occurs over time. Is it the result of a relatively ‘quick’ act like a fire or something that evolves more slowly as a result of environmental influences, an aspect of the programme, etc. Looking forward to seeing the test models on Tuesday!
    Why have you decided against the magazine portfolio format? We thought that this had potential to communicate your interests in moments of pause and the different speeds of a pause –through thinking about how the magazine dictates your speed of reading, turning pages, absorbing images – maybe the timing of issues. Is your magazine monthly, bi-century, issued once a minute or once in a thousand years? Perhaps test the format and this could help think why it does or doesn’t work for you and will pin point any aspects of that idea that you do want to take forward.
    The idea of change or revealing is nice, could you think about how to bring this into the magazine format? This might be through a disappearing or gradually appearing strategy that could be explored through the design and print or the materiality. The series of pamphlets is still a possibility if you wanted to stick with the magazine. Some magazines do come in parts, such as the Sunday paper supplements…

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