Week 4 : Device Development / portfolio idea


Some Materials for my device just arrived today. im building a galvanic skin response sensor.

 The  emotion mapping is measured by using biomapping device which is the  GSR, Galvanic Skin Response. The Gsr is connected to an arduino microcontroller board in order to transmit the data to the computer. The GSR detects the change in electrical charges of the skin. The signals can be used to capture autonomic nerve response. The rise and drop of the graph represent the positive positive and negative response of the space (walk).

These data can be used to represent or replicate the emotion of the walk into other form of spaces. I will keep you guys updated when the rest of the materials arrive.



Since my device is somehow a representation of a lie detector, I would like to represent my whole project using the concept of interrogation/detective/investigation. i was thinking of compiling all the data that i have for the past weeks and put them in weekly folders as “evidence” collection of the project. thats the initial idea.

thank you.

May the Force be with you.

One thought on “Week 4 : Device Development / portfolio idea

  1. It seems you have some technology that you can really utilise for results now. But this technology already exists so you have to now think about how you are going to make it work for you. What is the next step after using this to measure the experience of the walk or other space? As we commented before, to continue with your investigation into emotional responses to space you will need to somehow make connections between what qualities of space are provoking the emotional responses that you want to replicate in your own designed space. How can you articulate or understand the responses to space other than ‘negative and positive’? It would be good to have these questions resolved for Tuesday.
    Interesting portfolio idea, looking forward to seeing this on Tuesday! Formatting your research into strands of your enquiry might help to clarify some of the above questions too.
    One final, perhaps provactive thing to consider – there is an art of cheating lie detector equipment. Is it possible for your subjects to generate false results? What would this do to your study (and why would they do this)?..

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