Quick collage

20151017_011910 20151017_011833 20151017_011846 20151017_011903 20151017_011854

This is a quick collage I made to try and get the solvent transfer technique down. I noticed that the work of Robert Rauschenberg is fantastic in terms of the bleeding of images and overlapping transparencies so I tried pushing the techniques for my own use.

The collage is a quick study of the elevator scene in David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’, during which the protagonist Henry, and the viewer is subjected to a very drawn out elevator ride, in which everything takes unnervingly long. So long in fact its acknowledged as an intended thickening of the moment, duration enacted to make the viewer feel unneasy, a sense of dread as we wait for forever until the doors close on Henry, until he ascends the residential block.

I just tried to show a series of connected, overlapping events or planes, Henrys anxieties, the films brooding possibilities, connected across the durational moment between the two red instants.

I think the excercise was useful as I now know how to edit the photos as to get the best transfer, and also a start into how to view transparency not just as a literal quality, but also as an implied, sparial construct. The instants need to be a lot sharper, as delineating factors.

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