Explosion of the Senses-if at first you don’t succeed?

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Following the tutorial in the workshop, I developed the profile for the Vacu-form.  Unfortunately what I didn’t know is that the size of the profile needs to be less than A3!

I wasn’t overly happy with the prospect of a plastic insert anyway, so I decided that I could cut the apertures out of a far eastern ply layer,

and have little boxes underneath for the 3D models to sit within.  The profiles of the 3D objects simplified.




I then turned my attention to using the workshop time to laser cut the apertures set within the frame for the little booklets.  However, I had saved the compute file in the wrong format, couldn’t change it without starting again, and then lost my laser cut time.  Friday was a series of disappointments.   Must try again 🙂

IMG_3520Conscious that I am running out of time, I thought I would revert to my original plan of cutting the apertures by hand.

Hand cutting 4 mm ply is not ideal.  The finish is not perfect due to the layering of the ply.  The frame for the booklet was intended to be hinged so using the finger slots could be turned over. The booklets originally held in place with corner ties.  This obviously would be fiddly and not suit the flow of the experience.  The finish on the rear of the ply is not of quality it needs to be.   I need to rethink the insert and how it should work with the whole experience.





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