Explosion of the Senses – Try, try, and keep trying

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The dimensions of the pieces which will make up the box have been determined by the overall size of the

3D models which will sit within the box.  The box will be made up of 6mm pale faced ply which will contrast with

the far eastern.  The insert of the booklets will now have to slide forward on runners, but far enough forward to

access the 3D ‘moments’.

IMG_3501 IMG_3502 new layout of booklet insert

The design of the box cover was originally going to be the route, however, I wanted the element of the sensory

impact of the moments to be a way into the interactive experience and lead the protagonist to question.

The brain paths would be burnt into the wood.  The red node locates the sensory impact and the tags reference

the location on the route the sensory moment occurred.  This leads to the route map within the box.

sensory impact cover



Photoshop images of box to be

Within the lid of the box the route is numbered. Booklets sitting within the frame insert visually reference a location on the route.  The booklets open to reveal

images which trigger the protagonists voice and should leads them to link the Sensory Impact with the Route Moments and Visual Triggers.

The rear of the inserts I think will be a layer of perspex, this will reveal a hidden layer when the booklet is removed, and prompt the protagonist to move onto

the 3D moments.

box with slide out

Although it isn’t shown here, the 3D models will sit within little boxes beneath another far eastern layer.

The protagonist when reviewing all the evidence can link the 3D models to the booklets and the booklets to the route.  The paths and relationships may reveal

another voice, and should reveal a missing link.


Knowing what you can achieve with your chosen materials, and what equipment is available to help achieve the end result can have an affect on the design.  Richard Rogers

designed beams for the Pompidou  which were so long they had to resolve the issue of how to deliver them to site.  All problems have a solution, just sometimes difficult

in the time available.


Perhaps the box should have been crafted out of wood with dovetail joints, perhaps out of plastic, perhaps not.  It is still in the making!


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