Portfolio format – TBC ?



I am still in a state of ‘so much to do, where to begin, research, make, do, try again, panic, deadline, oh no!

transparenta0db6c9fa0e326b1470f2c106b319a95 PROCESS JulieShawLutts-Memoranda-of-Important-Matters Portfolio_12-22-2013_Page_3

Translucent layers allow all the elements within the process of making and research can be viewed as a whole.

Layers of moments within the process  linked through colour.

Part of the process in 3D format viewed alongside a step by step guide or promotion catalogue.

Clear layout of images and minimal text.

I previously posted the idea of a cabinet of curiosity which will evolve to become the home of my portfolio, I have been tackling many issues with the process/making

of the drawing and object so my focus has not been on the portfolio as yet.  I am struggling to make sense of the vast amount of research done already in a way which

will relate to and reflect my subject.  Above are more ideas I have seen, and yet, I cannot think how to move forward for Tuesday, the weekly internal crit!








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