Reference for Cris: Making the impossible possible

Someone sent me this link to a programme on BBC 4 where Sir Roger Penrose discusses MC Escher’s drawings as an inspiration to construct impossible geometries in reality. Thought it might be helpful for you to think about not just hinging but also alignment, viewing angles, planes of symmetry and points of converging to infinity:¬†

It’s also all filmed in Oxford at the University/ the Ashmolean!


One thought on “Reference for Cris: Making the impossible possible

  1. Thanks Manijeh,
    Fascinating insight into his and Penrose mathematical minds, It has open a few questions regarding my object which I may explore later, as it stands now is very precise and 3 dimensional… but somewhat feels flat… What intrigues me is finding ways to explore the ‘4th dimensionality’, perspective/ viewing angles that distort and makes you question… and how translate those into the object… Food for thought!


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