Object: Book

DSC08078The Book which tells the story of an area of London’s East End

My object is a handmade book which uses materials to tell the story of the area from Whitechapel High Street, through Brick Lane, to Liverpool Street Station.



The Story starts in what was originally Whitechapel Library


DSC08090Then moves through how the library has changed to a Gallery over the years, through to Brick Lane where I made paper to try incorporate some of the culture of the Bangladeshi Community who live there. The purple paper is made from a variety of coloured craft paper and the white paper has tissue paper blended into it, with spices also added to give a sense of the community.


The next pages include a pop- out of Blackshirts which represent the Blackshirt Fascist Group who were involved in the Battle of Cable Street



The area was also bombed during The Blitz



Many Jewish people came over in the late 1880’s/early 1900’s as they were escaping persecution in their own countries. They worked in the Rag Trade of the East End, so old stained paper and rags represent this.


A Kazoo band could be heard in the audio, and musical paper relates to this. The handwritten manuscript tells a different story to the professionally printed score. The Kazoo bands of the 1970’s originated in the North of England and generally consisted of children.


The children generally came from families of people who worked in the coal mines of the north, so throughout the musical section are fingerprints, which represent the coal on the fingers.


Around Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street Station are many business men and women, quite a few of whom were glued to their phones. The modern paper printed with mobile phone connections represents this.




The final page shows different stories which on the surface look flat, like we’re disassociated from it, but then you pull up the page, the stories come out and are interlinked to show how different people have different stories that are all independent of each other.



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