2102 Boardwalk – NYC

2102 Boardwalk  

2102 BOARDWALK – Layers of Re-invention, Layers of Decay…

Above is what will become a hazy layer as the backdrop to a journey through time of innovation with services, facilities, a shell of activity regenerated since 1923.  The layers of materiality, the layers which have disappeared have a narrative which links with the Explosion of the Senses and the Object of Intrigue.

As a sought out landmark on Coney Island it offered an escape from reality, taking people outside of their everyday lives, heighten their sensory perception of the environment around them.

The grandiose aesthetic, stone, terra-cotta and glazeware symbolism was a design which responded to the context at the time, yet now seems almost garish, whilst the decaying stucco reveals what was hidden.  The innovative technologies and services provided long since gone, no evidence to tell their story, the quality of design detail adapted, stripped away.

I want to layer up the drawing with trace and ink, cutting into and drawing finer detail onto the backdrop, bringing out the elements and moments of architectural splender, revealing what was once there, and drawing upon the relationships through time to highlight the narrative.

It was once a hub of delight for the people, a cultural landmark in the community, I would like to work into it and bring that life out.

I like how Leon Ferrari uses symbols to create textural drawings, I also like the style of Nathalie Du Pascquier, whereby she deconstructs components from buildings and amalgamates them into a whole and then re-presents them.  I also think the drawing lends itself to a style similar to Pablo Bronstein as seen in my earlier post (Object of Intrigue) with the contemporary architectural composition and block colour.

I would embed into the layers fragments indicating the sectional detail  to expose the layers of functionality lost in time. The site itself and the adjacent streets are in a sorry state and in need of TLC.  An area to revive.

childs_restaurant06 glazed tilework childs7 visuallingual.wordpress childs-coney-island-2-neptune

leon-ferrari-12 heliographiasleon-ferrari-14 Leon Ferrari – textural drawings534-Flatbush2 brownstoner.com 4 (socks-studio.com)


Nathalie-Du-Pasquier-05 Nathalie-Du-Pasquier-07 image 1Nathalie Du Pasquier (socks-studio.com)

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  1. You refer to a time of ‘innovation’ as the suggested lens through which you will look at the site. This is a good link on from the Coade discovery and progressing the potential of looking at technological innovations (and their failures) and how an intersection with contemporary design can improve on these. What were the innovations or technologies behind the sensory stimulants that you have identified?

    Great to see you begin to develop a drawing. As you embed the further detail can you specifically look at the areas you mention in your text? Such as where failure of the materials has started to expose structures or compositions? Looking forward to seeing this develop for Tuesday!

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