…Maybe Manhattan?

Maybe Manhattan

“The enquiry begins with a line drawn between London Gatwick airport and The Local hostel, New York.

Just across the Queensboro Bridge an artificial mountain range of skyscrapers emerge from the urban archipelago of Manhattan, paranoiac constructions of the 20th century. Le Corbusier decried these “misshapen adolescents of the machine age” when he described them in the terms of the Uncanny:

Imagine a man undergoing a mysterious disturbance of his organic life;
the torso remains normal, but his legs become ten or twenty times too long.

(Le Corbusier, 1947, p.89)

Subsequent readings of Koolhaas’ Delirious New York provide a series of language prompts with which to consider the island in the context of the Uncanny.”

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  1. An interesting idea to create an armature or path in the line that connects us from our point of departure to place of arrival. We are flying from Heathrow so maybe you have to amend your line to suit but what does this line start to mean? What other journeys or lines that determine how we traverse the city start to define certain uncanny moments in the city. Charles mentioned the situationist derive at the pin-up and on Friday I was speaking to an artist who mentioned that his two favourite ways of experiencing Manhattan, its gridded structure and architectural diversity as you scan its neighbourhoods are first walking from the north of the island to its southernmost trip, and then to take a Circle Line boat trip around the island to see it from outside in. Both were interesting ways to analyse a city that’s quite different from the ones we typically inhabit – Manhattan is an island, a man-made grid, “an artificial mountain-range of skyscrapers”… and so much more. How do you start to draw our attention to these moments of eccentricity through your uncanny interventions – how do you begin to draw these lines in the city to evoke the sense of the uncanny? Through text as you’ve started above? Or through the line-work technique you developed previously? Or perhaps a combination or collapse of the two techniques together? If you had to choose an architectural drawing (plan, section, elevation, axonometric etc) which one would yours be most similar to? Try to define the line or route more for Tuesday as well as the language you use to delineate it.

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