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I have chosen Grand Central Station as my site, and in particular the waiting room and the main terminal. As there is the link with the station in Cardiff’s walk this seemed like a natural choice, but it is my site predominantly due to the nature of the place and activities. Lots of people pause at train stations, and time can often take on a different meaning here as it is compressed or sped up in a way only influenced by travel. Also, the number of people who pass through here are suitable to carry on with the aspect of material change, as the sheer volume can bring about this change by using my object, similar to that of testing furniture. Presence is also an ever changing thing in a station – we can be completely anonymous, experiencing a different sort of life when embodied with travel – but there are a lot of presences happening around us which can influence and shape ourselves as we are forced to experience them.

I have started on a site plan of the broader area surrounding the station for context, but will continue to layer this with the internal floor plan of the station:



The plan is to layer elements such as the train lines (yellow) and those of the internal floor plans, almost like a ‘flat axo’.


I have purchased some copper sulphate, balloons, marble and more cement to continue my experiments with the bench itself. I’m working on the actual design, but the main elements to include in this are a bench with hidden joints and angular planes (as influenced by the pauses in the walk).

One thought on “Site (In Progress)

  1. Its terrific that you are no longer “completely lost!” and instead have chosen a really interesting site to work with in New York. Grand Central is great and has lots of different types of spaces for pause that are isolated from the chaos and movement as people rush to and from the city. Mapping the flows of people and the zones of pause would be useful – how do you give your site drawing a sense of slowness in contrast to the fast paced world around it? Here is an interesting study by Christine Baumgartner on speed vs. stillness: – what would be your equivalent thinking back to your mapping of presences and pauses on the walk? Perhaps as a counterpoint to your bench study in London, you should sample the different materials, locations, and objects used for pause in the station to construct an equivalent New York palette?
    As for the bench – we are looking forward to seeing it as a really thoughtful designed object on Tuesday as well as your second iteration of tests. Great progress!

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