Union Square – ‘The centre of the universe for its inhabitants’

What I found interesting about Union Square this place is a free civic room for publics interest. In this square unlike other public parks and squares in NY, here it is busy day and night with people selling their arts and crafts from little stalls, chess players, musicians, folk relaxing on benches, and all varieties of midtown city life. Beside the daily life in Onion Square, this place is an important and historic intersection and surrounding neighborhood, partially for political and social activism.

Union Square is place of the freedom of speech and express your interest. I want to place my object in Union Square because here is a vibrant centre of sounds. The sound we want to listen/avoid or express one.

union square site

One thought on “Union Square – ‘The centre of the universe for its inhabitants’

  1. You have started with a plan of the site but will need to start to understand the site in three dimensions so that you can begin to investigate how sound travels through its various parts. What are the various scales of sound that occur on the site? Conversation between people in close proximity, public address, conversations on phones, amplified live sounds or pre-recordings? How does the existing form of the site affect the transmission and creation of these sounds? Your drawing should begin to suggest and map these.

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