Week 5 20/10/2015

This is a working process record for last Tuesday.

Mirror board testing:
There would be no lighting effect if the cardboard simply stack up together as the mirror board need to collect light for reflection. So I cut a hole at the bottom of cardboard (the one at the back), however the mirror board only reflect the light horizontally. The mirror board reflected the light on the 2nd layer cardboard when it placed with an angle to collect and reflect light from lighting to the board.
Photo Oct 18, 01 04 36Photo Oct 18, 01 10 25

Treatment for each of the layer
The whole process was to stack up all layer and placed underneath the light and looked for the area that light didn’t come through or the effect was weak. The process required some times to keep repeating cutting and placed under the light, it also made me did lots of thinking to see which layer should be cut to achieve the better resultlayers
Layers stacked up before gap placing in between layers
Photo Oct 20, 02 39 31

Portfolio Idea

As my idea is creating a flight package with a safety card and airline magazine. Here I try to put my object into the safety card format. I am thinking as my project is started with a narrative and this on going project/object is going in between UK and US, I want to add in a scenario for my portfolio to show my work. And I got this idea from the Virgin Airline safety video, I watched it on the flight during my flied back to HK in summer and I think this narrative presentation attract people to pay attention on something people think repeated and boring.



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