First of all, I apologize for such a really late update. A bit of struggle to find a site with potential architectural studies that relate to my current work along with which sections of sound that I wanted to delve into.

New York is known for its noise that practically contributed by every single person, every activities, every single thing! The city that never sleeps. Taken from this great website ( I found that devoted themselves to sounds of New York in the early 20’s which are actually just noises from complaints;

“In 1920, for example, a Japanese governor visiting the city for the first time noted,  “My first impression of New York was its noise.” Further noted that, “When I know what they mean,” he explained to a reporter, “I will understand civilization.” As that un-named Japanese visitor recognized, sound is a crucial aspect of the urban experience, constantly shaping – even as it is shaped by – the social and physical dimensions of city life.  For historians as well as foreign travelers, noise thus provides a valuable key to understanding civilizations different from our own.”

“What news from New York?”
“Stocks go up. A baby murdered a gangster.”
“Nothing more?”
“Nothing. Radios blare in the street.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, “My Lost City,” 1932

Fitzgerald described that sounds/roar as so characteristics, “He recalled that roar as so characteristic, so ubiquitous as to be remarkably unremarkable.  Fitzgerald’s contemporaries may have been less blasé, but many shared his belief that New York was defined by its din.”

My work up to this point revolves around sound. From the first drawing done, I was looking at sound through lines making. And next was my object/device/live performance that concerns about sound wave, how sound behaves, sound vibration through the use of strings. The forms created from the sound wave are amazing and how it multiplies by the length of the strings. But I was thinking, if I use the forms captured (from the device) directly on site or work around it, would be less exploration. So I was looking through different sections of sound studies that I may interested to further work on then I stumbled upon another site (among hundreds of other sites) ( that include different sound experiences from people which they collect it from anything! Sounds from well when things are dropped into it, typewriter machine sound, sound from hollow pipes, etc. Then this one guy in year of 1982, he recorded sound produced from under the Brooklyn bridge sounds like buzzing bees as vehicles cross the metal roadway above. 10 years later, another recording reveals that the bridge has lost much of its aural character with the installation of a paved surface which makes it sound like any other typical road. What I’m trying to say here is, the use of materials and form plays interesting roles to create amazing sounds that instill fascinating aural character to it. From there, exists this state of sound decay over distance (of buildings, people over time) which is also a part of my device investigation.

As for site selection, I don’t have specific site to work on yet, but currently looking at Manhattan and possibly the Manhattan bridge. I saw this one scene from Manhattan film (1979) by Woody Allen where he was sitting on a bench with one of his actress looking at the bridge at night time. It was magical that it struck me I wanna do something relating to that bridge; could be the strings-like structure, the scenic, water that flows under, materiality of the bridge, the use of it, sound vibration, etc.

large_manhattan_blu-ray_3 Manhattan by Woody Allen (1979)

And of course, Once Upon A Time in America (1984) film by Sergio Leone.

peliculas-gangsters-once-upon-a-time onceupon05

As for the choice of Manhattan itself, I’d like the exploration of materials through out the city. There’s Apple store made of full glass, steel exploration, bricks and concrete innovation with different forms (Frank Gehry’s New York, etc) And there are some artists been working on sounds of New York as well (, which scale up the sounds installation with wider public interaction and hopefully better understanding of sound that we can somehow manipulate the surrounding noise to produce something else, more like bigger live performance of visual sound.

Again, as for the drawings, I’m still figuring out the real ideas behind it, so not yet of a drawing but was thinking on doing sections to show the relativity of the scaled-up object (form, materiality) in context of Manhattan.

Aaaand as for the portfolio, been through some ideas. Hopefully can get it previewed next Tuesday. (Hopefully!)


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