Week 6 : Site Study/ Drawing Progress

Hello again,

Drawing/Site Study

So this is what im planning to do. So Times Square. For the site study, i will dissect the site into several general and specific parts. The parts are then be studied in terms of the tangible and intangible aspects of the site.

ie :

Tangible = Physical characteristics of the study(street elevation, pocket spaces)

Intangible = Sensory experience, emotional experience of space

The drawing will be a composite of both the aspects of the site and will eventually act as the emotive interpretation of the site.

All in all nothing much to say at the moment because i am still looking for sources to make the drawing a dream come true.

Initial mock up drawing.
Initial mock up drawing.

One thought on “Week 6 : Site Study/ Drawing Progress

  1. Interesting start to the drawing in perspective but keep working on the axonometric that you showed last time – to really deconstruct the different components on site from people, to signage to buildings etc.
    Good to look at references that play with the signage in Times Square: http://www.richardgalpin.co.uk/bibliography/reviews/art-on-paper-2005/
    Or lack thereof: http://www.aptglobal.org/en/Artwork/11508/AN-UNEXPECTED-BREAKDOWN-OF-THE-ADVERTISING-MARKET-NEW-YORK-Times-Square/Karolina-Kowalska
    Or lack of people using long exposure photography: http://wfit.org/post/envisioning-world-without-people#stream/0
    How do you start to play with the billboards, people, buildings, surfaces to start to construct an emotive space? How will you gain information on the intangible aspects of the site? How can you create an emotive account of a place you have not been to, how will you gather emotional responses?

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