Work In Progress: Drawing, Marble, Bench

My drawing is progressing:


This is it in the A3 layout for my magazine/portfolio. The white lines have changed to wisps of smoke approaching the ceiling, which indicate: waiting, smoking, kissing, eating, shopping, buying tickets and meeting. The smoke is categorised by line weight and opacity. I need to label them. This is deliberately containing the characteristics of the first drawing (labelled layers) to give it some dialogue with the progressing moments of pause, but adapted to the new site.


I drilled a piece of marble:

15-10-29 Drilled marble (2) Front

15-10-29 Drilled marble (1) Back

The back has broken apart quite a bit, but the front held surprisingly well (especially as Joel and Ray in the workshop had similar reactions of it not working!). This was done using masonry drill bits. I’m working out what to actually put in the holes.


Another attempt at the bench model:

15-10-29 Bench 1 to 10

The rear section of the supports is still too thin, so there’s a high possibility they will snap again when I take off the formwork. I’ll see what happens tonight and alter the design accordingly – at a larger scale it would be fine, but the detail is just too small at 1:10 unfortunately.

The copper sulphate has arrived! Exciting!

One thought on “Work In Progress: Drawing, Marble, Bench

  1. The sense of density that the lines had have not yet come through in the smoke. We talked about using the central plane and axo to show densities of the past and present in the pauses, how do you intend to do this with the smoke technique? As we discussed on Tuesday – look at moving the smoke lines from the front of the drawing, into the planes so that they rise up from the related parts of the plan. And don’t forget about the other pauses we discussed on Tuesday – factors that might halt the train schedules or use of the station and the different scales of these pauses – begin to work out how you can present and investigate these through drawing. The question of when does a pause become a stop is fascinating and so drawing these scales of pauses will help you to articulate that question.

    It would be interesting to see how your magazine formatting is going and how you are revealing the story of the blackened ceiling.

    Marble test looks like an interesting beginning as does the bench model but it’s hard to tell what the design actually is – do you have drawings for your bench design?

    How is your exploration study coming along? You should lay out your taxonomy of tests to show a kind of classification of material presences.

    Have the bench design and formatted exploration study so far for Tuesday so that you can show how you have built a relationship between pause and relative material change.

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