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1. 3D scan of my object. It is interesting to see how the scan is an Uncanny replica of the object; a kind of corrupted digital translation. I think the interface between digital and manual design techniques might be an interesting focus for my exploration study having already been looking at 3D printing. We had an interesting lecture last week where the lead engineer for the Serpentine Galleries came in and spoke about the different architects’ methods of delivering the same brief – Smiljan Radic in particular.
2. Portfolio pages for your comments – been referencing Augmented Landscapes as a way of presenting many disparate formats of drawings in one document.

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  1. The portfolio looks good but consider what would be part of the exploration study and how to technically draw up the wax studies of the object to understand their effects and draw conclusions.
    As for the drawing, the sketch is interesting as a collapse that exists somewhere between London and New York combining elements from each as a sort of in-between territory. Transposing one city on another could potentially create a sense of the uncanny through the feeling of being displaced or seeing familiar elements but abstracted so you don’t remember where they come from. Push this further in your investigations – mixing the analog and digital is interesting as a technique but think about how to deploy it strategically. This was a study an AA student did a few years ago – painting Parisian signs onto a London landscape in an attempt to alter our perception of place: – obviously yours would be more sophisticated. Could you use the formal language you have developed to stylize and abstract elements from London to insert into New York?
    Translation seems to be a theme in your work – abstracting form into wire, translating the object into a 3d scan – go a step further and start to construct the translation as a relationship between two cities as well as the material and formal investigation you have already begun

    Portfolio – well selected quotes are effective in contextualising your project but through the progression of the sheets make stronger evidence of how you reflect on these statements and how your work has developed in relation to these ideas. You could draw out the ways that the various threads have come together such as how you have spoken about the narrow alley space and the scene in The Missing Voice where the woman is grabbed in relation to the Sabines and the gate as containment and barrier, the frozen movement of the baroque and now on to the parasite / host relationship where the parasite thrives at the cost of the host (in some instances, as discussed with Charles there are other host / parasite relationships).
    And remember the conversation we had on Tuesday about the perceived theme of megolomania in NY and the towers around Central Park as stores of wealth. Is there a host / parasite relationship here to be explored both conceptually and materially and spatially?

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