Week 6 Site Drawing

I am interested to the area of Williamsburg around the Domino Sugar Refinery. My site drawing is a combination the elevation of Domino Sugar Factory and the section of Lowline which they both related to my light and shadow study. Since the site of the factory under redevelopment, part of the factory was demolished, the existing part would be express pin pens and pencils and the demolished part would be in pencils only to make a contrast. And also referring to the time movement and chasing Janet at the beginning o the project.

Photo Oct 30, 02 05 13

going to focus myself to finish it by Saturday

After finish the drawing, I will go back to portfolio and exploration study. I saw this photography portfolio in Photographer’s Gallery Bookstore.  The photo and simple description drove my into the atmosphere that the photographer wanted to present. I am thinking how to balance the length of description and number of image in page can still bring in a sense like this. Also I need to experiment the layer of circles and cut out holes as layer effect in my portfolio.
Photo Oct 27, 15 20 30  Photo Oct 27, 15 20 26Photo Oct 30, 08 43 24

I also found something interesting in the material library.

Photo Oct 27, 11 42 46 Photo Oct 27, 11 43 20
A glass panel with silver pieces placed as 45 degree inside. The light resource is suggested to be place at the bottom to create this lighting effect. As seen on the left image, the shadow of the light is also the reflection of the light that glowing to produce an effect like the shooting star.

Photo Oct 27, 11 55 36 Photo Oct 27, 12 20 01

As inspired from these above, I am thinking to make some by myself with different kind of materials and place them under the light to explore material study under light for my exploration study and the later use of the project material. (This may not be finish by Tuesday, but will keep it updated.)


I am looking into the sugar refinery process to understand how the factory worked in general. It may provide some hints on the building layout.

*I am still waiting for The New York Building Department’s reply and I will find out later the possibility to visit the remain factory in New York.

One thought on “Week 6 Site Drawing

  1. Looking forward to seeing the drawing finished and the ghosted demolished buildings in contrast to the existing. Maybe the demolished buildings start to be drawn in a more fictional way since they only exist in our imagination? How do you distinguish or create a layer of the imaginary other than switching between pen and pencil?

    How does the factory’s industrial production of sugar start to impact your drawing? Good that you are trying to understand the sugar refining process to better understand the building but don’t feel that you need to get too hung up on this. Finding the plans for the factory will create a new insight as this will provide the spatial understanding and understanding of light across the factory. While you are waiting to hear if the plans are available it would be good to make a daylight model of the site.

    The ideas for the portfolio as photobook are good ones but we need to see how these circular cut outs will work on Tuesday. The material study/ discovery is fascinating – moving from the paper of your object study to something more 3d is useful since it will change the way the light moves through the material and give you a new dimension to work with in the exploration study in terms of reflection and refraction. Start to draw the materials in section as part of the exploration study and understand light’s effect on them. Good work but lots still to do so keep going!

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