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Experiment 02

1. A dripping mandible perches above the existing thorax (Experiment 01: 25.10.15) to augment the model.<a href="http://ds7.osa.digital/wp-
2. Further reading around the proposed skyscraper on the site of the Park Lane Hotel, soon to be translated into drawn form…
Witkoff Screen Grab 051115
3. Site model, in progress (to help inform environmental analysis for the tech study). content/uploads/2015/11/Screenshot.jpg”>Screenshot

2 thoughts on “Experiment 02

  1. All steps in the right direction – the video-ed experiments are a good idea and really show an increase in precision and sophistication. Looking forward to seeing a really good site drawing manifesting the relationship between neighbourhoods, one skyscraper and flows of power within the city. What did you and Charles discuss on Tuesday in terms of the exploration study – just trying to understand environmental analysis – would be good to see how this informs your site investigation. Keep going!

  2. Thank you for the feedback. Talking to Charles on Tuesday I showed him the work I have so far and he left it quite open in which direction I should move forward. I was thinking of progressing under a working title of ‘parasitic’ or perhaps ‘symbiotic architecture’ which I think would be relevant to the theme of the work so far and provide me with an opportunity to research some useful precedent studies. The Exploration study has to cover the three topics of structure, construction and environment and my initial intent was to use the digital site model to assess different environmental conditions as you climb the skyscraper. Charles suggested I might look at testing the structural performance of the models on the computer if I can work out how to do it, which I would like to try and do, and look at how the language of the work so far might develop into enclosures of space.

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